We can’t think of a time when Queen Victoria Market hasn’t been part of our lives. Our parents began selling fruit and vegetables at Queen Victoria Market over 60 years ago. These days it’s not uncommon to find 3 generations of our family behind the counter.

In 2001, Market Juice was born; growing our business beyond what we knew to be our bread and butter. Today, you’ll find Market Juice served at institutions like Auction Rooms and Seven Seeds, some of the most iconic venues that make up the cultural fabric of Melbourne’s cafe scene.  

And if you’re not sipping on OJ alongside your bacon and eggs in the morning, you might be sitting at a bar, sipping it in a margarita.  



Market Juice is free from preservatives, added sugar and pasteurisation, making it one of the only fresh, ready to drink products on the market.

Fresh. Unadulterated. Australian. 

Our range is available for purchase at our retail outlet, Queen's Harvest.
For wholesale enquiries, please complete a contact form on our website or email us at info@marketjuice.com.au